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iMonnit is a cloud-based monitoring platform provided exclusively for Monnit wireless sensors and gateways.

The iMonnit administrator can set users and thresholds for each sensor to send notifications to the administrator when an abnormality occurs.

It can be accessed from all Internet-based devices including smartphones.


The monitoring platform can be reconfigured in various forms according to your needs.

We also provide SDK (Software Development Kit) for interface configuration and data transmission from hardware to a third party platform in order to operate as a local server while using the same interface as iMonnit.



Instant Notification

iMonnit provides immediate notifications based on set conditions. If the data exceeds the threshold, Alerts are sent to managers to help perform quick checks. Prevent accidents and create an optimal environment with a notification system.


Sensor Condition Check

Each setting can be changed online and data can be viewed from any internet-based device anytime, anywhere. Not only data but also sensor information such as battery level and signal sensitivity can be viewed. You can also intuitively check the accumulated data for a specific period through the chart.

3 rd Party System Intergration

We provide platform development in various ways such as cloud-based web and self-server building.

User interface reconfiguration is also possible by transmitting data to a third platform through Webhook, REST API, JAVA, and .NET.

In addition, remote updates (Over-The-Air Updates) are available, making it easy to perform hardware updates.

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